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Energy company CEO says America's headed for "energy train wreck"

Dominion is one of America's largest energy producers and the company's CEO, Thomas Farrell, said Thursday that unless domestic energy policies are made more realistic and balanced, the U.S. is headed for an "energy train wreck". Farrell said that alternative energies - wind, solar, fuel cells, ethanol and biodiesel fuels - hold "great promise for the future" but figures they'll only account for seven percent of America's total energy output by 2030 (up from six percent today). Farrell's "balanced" proposal includes diversifying energy sources so that coal, nuclear, oil, gas, hydro, and renewable sources are all produced while conservation and energy efficiency are encouraged. Farrell called policies limiting domestic oil and gas production the "Achilles heel" of American's energy dilemma.
[Source: Dominion]

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