Porsche Panamera test mule in the open

Even though we've stood in front of it in Frankfurt, talked to the people instrumental in its existence and even told you when and where it will be produced, it still strikes us as odd to write about a four-door Porsche. It's coming, whether we're ready for it or not, and this latest sighting is evidence that the guys and gals in Stuttgart are hard at work.

The front-engine, rear-wheel drive, four-seater has been caught testing in a variety of guises, this, however, is the first time we've actually been given a taste of what the production car will look like. The front end screams Porsche design, with headlamps pulled straight from the concept and a front clip that is taking heavy cues from the Turbo and Cayman. Unfortunately, from the a-pillar on back, it's less noteworthy and more, well, unfinished.

Hopefully, if Porsche is still on schedule, we'll start seeing Panameras leaving their birthplace of Leipzig and heading to dealers late next year, ready to do battle with the Maserati Quattroporte and CLS55 AMG.

Thanks to Gary for the tip!

[Source: Caradisiac]

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