Bull-riding lessons: Lamborghini Track Experience

How many supercar owners can extract the true performance potential of their exotics? Unfortunately, having the funds to buy a supercar doesn't mean you have the skills to drive it.

Following in the path of other exotic Italian carmakers – such as Ferrari and MaseratiLamborghini is offering its own high-performance driving school. Unlike the prancing horse and the trident, however, which offer courses in North America, at this time the Lamborghini Track Experience is offered exclusively in Italy. Held at the Mugello race track (ironically owned by Ferrari), those with €4000 to spend can learn driving techniques from the pros behind the wheel of a 500-hp V10 Lamborghini Gallardo.

Some may scoff at these programs as just another marketing ploy to separate customers from their money. Personally, if I were crafting these cars, I'd want the buyer to know how to drive it. And if I were the buyer, I'd want them to show me. Sounds like a perfect match.

(Thanks for the tip, Pete!)

[Source: Spiegel-Online (translated) via Luxist]

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