2007 Acura MDX already reviewed

Just as Acura finally allowed its new MDX to touch tarmac, Joe Wiesenfelder ran up, snatched the keys and left a bewildered PR person wondering what the hell happened.

After the senior writer for Cars.com got through with his joy ride, he wrote an engaging critique of Acura's newest 'ute, with a wit-sharpened perspective on design, ergonomics, drivability and market appeal.

Pointing out the exterior's dimensions and 12th century militarized grill, Wiesenfelder continues by crediting Acura for bringing the luxo-truck to the Nurburgring to get handling on par with its Deutschland rivals. Once inside, he points out, in an understated way, the fine line that Acura is walking with interior design, then proceeds to relentlessly bitch-slap the automaker for killing off the touch screen sat-nav and replacing it with a rotary knob, ala iDrive and MMI.

Overall Wiesenfelder seemed genuinely impressed with the new MDX, although between handling, acceleration, stopping and all-around utilizing, its success will be based on the image-conscious drivers that flocked to the Japanese mark in the first place.

Well worth the read, whether or not the new MDX is on your short list.

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