Treus brand launched by DuPont, Bunge to make better biodiesel

When we last wrote about Bunge, a "vertically integrated food and feed ingredient company", they were offering biofuel advice to Renewable Energy Group. When we last visited chemical giant DuPont, they were workign with BP. Partnerships abound. Now, Bunge and DuPont are expanding their on-going relationship to move from simply fiddling with food and nutrition products to work on "industrial applications, biofuels and other opportunities". The collaboration will operate under the new Treus brand name.
DuPont and Bunge first started working together in 2003 as The Solae Company. One product to come from the partnership is a low linolenic soybean, which has been used to make foods with less hydrogenated fat. This soy oil may soon find a way into your car.

Carl Hausmann, president and CEO, Bunge North America, said in a press release that, "We are excited about the potential of new soy products that will build on this success in the food sector and enable us to better serve feed and industrial customers including the growing soy biodiesel industry."

In 2007, it is expected that low linolenic soybeans from the partnership will be grown in eight states.


[Source: DuPont]

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