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Oklahoma Governor's Conference on Biofuels

In just over a month, the Oklahoma Governor's Conference on Biofuels kicks off in Norman, OK. Representatives of the USDA, the Air Force, ConocoPhilips, various local governments in Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, among others, will be speaking. The biggest name on the list, though, is James Woolsey, former director of the CIA and now a strong proponent of alternative fuels (maybe you saw him briefly in "Who Killed The Electric Car?"). Woolsey will speak on his new favorite topic, "the relationship between national security, dependence on foreign oil and the development of alternative transportation fuels". Promotional material for the conference says that farmers and ranchers "will be the cornerstone of the emerging biofuel industry" and this conference is designed to tell them when they'll be able to sell a "dedicated energy crop". Organizers say Oklahoma is poised to be a leader in switchgrass ethanol production.

[Source: Grow OK]

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