The hidden joys of the recent EV announcements

AutoblogGreen reader David sent us a link to his post (at least, I believe it's his own) on the hidden joys of upcoming EVs we all will benefit from. In some cases, the "future" EV is coming soon, and David has a positive reaction to recent announcements of the Tesla Roadster EV and the Smart EV and the potential for increases in future battery revenue from hybrid batteries. David gleaned from a report from Frost & Sullivan saying that hybrid battery revenue should grow to almost $1.3 billion US in 2010, a dramatic increase from just under $600 million US projected revenue in 2007. Profits made by selling batteries for hybrid cars are different than EV battery profits, but the some companies, like Johnson Controls and Saft make batteries for both hybrids and EVs.

[Source: Auto-Future, submitted by David]

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