Corvette gets the axe

Now that we have your attention...

Corvette-loving guitarists can shred it up on guitarmaker Paul Reed Smith's Z06-inspired Corvette Standard 22 guitar. As far as cars go, the Corvette is as rock-and-roll as it gets, making this a match made in heaven. Special edition markings include the 'Vette logo as well as either "Z06" or "427" inlayed into the wood of the fretboard, and the axe comes in the same colors as the car, including Victory Red, LeMans Blue and Daytona Sunset Orange.

The price point of over $4,700 would normally make us balk, but the fact that Paul Reed Smith is responsible for the design of the carved mohagany instrument means it's likely worth it.

Thanks to Noah for the tip.

[Source: Into Gear]

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