Mazda to voluntarily recall the RX-8

In yet another installment of the Mazda RX-8 customer satisfaction drama, we can confirm that the manufacturer will announce a voluntary recall on 2004, 2005 and some 2006 model year RX-8s. Mazda has confirmed to us that owners will be receiving notices in the next month or so, as the company is doing a staggered roll-out across the country.

Mazda has also told us that the repairs needed for each RX-8 will vary based on tests performed by each dealer. Automotive News is reporting that each car will receivea vacu um test to check for oil leaks, and those vehicles suffering from sealing problems will receive new Renesis side-port rotary engines. Robert Davis, head of product development and quality at Mazda, told Automotive News that the company does not want dealers tearing into the engines, and instead will send the defective motors to its remanufacturing plant in North Carolina. Each vehicle will also receive a check of its starting system, as that supposedly has been problematic. Davis described the campaign as "white-glove treatment".

Mazda claims that the problem is brought on by hot climates or the usage of synthetic oil. If the oil is allowed into the combustion chamber, it eventually reaches the catalytic converter and causes a malfunction of that emissions-control device.

[Source: Rotary News]

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