Cadillac will build small crossover, maybe import BLS by 2009

What the automotive press unanimously agrees upon is that Cadillac will be building a small crossover by 2009. Inside Line reports that the soft-roader, referred to as the BRX, will be based on the Theta platform underpinning the Chevy Equinox and feature a four-cylinder engine and sub-$30k price tag. Automotive News, however, reports that the BLX will mix Theta and Epsilon 2 architectures so that the BLX can accommodate a larger V6 up front. We'd go with Automotive News on this one as we find it dubious to think Cadillac would not offer a V6 option on a $30k ute, especially considering it can offer cylinder-deactivation on a V6 now to keep fuel economy in check. Sure, some automakers are getting away with equipping their CUVs with turbocharged four-cylinder engines in lieu of larger six-cylinder units, but GM has no such high-tech powerplant to offer.

The on again, off again decision to import the European-only BLS sedan based on the Saab 9-3 appears to be, well... on again and off again. Inside Line again reports the next generation BLS will be here in late 2009 and be built on U.S. soil rather than in Trollhattan, Sweden where the current car is assembled. Automotive News again disagrees, saying the "baby Cadillac" would be too close in price to the larger CTS. Time to flip sides and stand with Inside Line on the BLS rumors. The CTS is going to get larger and more expensivenext year, which leaves plenty of space for a small front- and all-wheel drive sedan in Caddy's lineup.

What we do know is that Cadillac has fresh product in the pipeline to address the entry-level end of the market. With this shift down market you can probably kiss the rumored super sedan based on the Sixteen concept goodbye, and the brand's V12 engine that's been tested in the Escalade is back on the shelf.

[Source: Inside Line, Automotive News]

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