Porsche Cayenne dropped for 2007

Stuttgart's highly profitable and extreme divisive SUV will not be making itself available during the 2007 model year. Porsche claims that the redesign, which debuts in Detroit and will be available in late 2007, is the major reason for the stoppage. However, the Cayenne's sales have been sliding south for close to two years and an overabundance of product may be giving the company pause.

An attempt was made earlier this year to entice would-be Cayenne owners with the so-called "Titanium Edition", which included many of the more popular options sought out by owners. This, along with the prerequisite metal trim, all came at a reduced price.

Judging by recent spy photos, don't expect a dramatic departure from the Cayenne's current slab-sided, Turbo-inspired looks when it does hit the road late next year.

[Source: Automotive News]

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