Three-wheeled hybrid Carver bike/car on the way. Can you say cool?

I've gotta admit that Devilstower's post on the three-wheeled Carver is contagious. He gushes over the possibility of this $16,000 flexible-fuel hybrid high-mpg vehicle, and it makes me think about putting in for a space on the waiting list. We've got to have patience, though. The standard (non-hybrid) Carver isn't even available yet - it's due in January - and who knows when the hybrid will make an appearance. When it does, though, it'll be a cool vehicle to drive around town. This all might be a pipe dream though, as the standard version will cost over $40K and only gets 43mpg. Still, the initial impressions and specifics (zero to sixty in 8 seconds, with car tires in back, motorcycle tire in front) are interesting and intriguing enough to warrant further inspection when the release date gets closer.

[Source: Political Cortex, suggested by Mark Sumner]

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