EBay find of the day: 1918/1928 Detroit electric vehicle

The Tesla Roadster EV will cost around $100,000. A Toyota RAV4 EV (if you can find one) will cost you around $60,000. If you want a great-looking electric vehicle for a lot less (at least, it currently costs less), check out this auction on eBay for a 1918/1928 Model 75 Detroit electric car (the seller says that this means that the car was built in 1918 and refurbished in the Detroit factory in 1928). The car is in decent condition in a garage in South Carolina, but will take some work – and new batteries – to make run well again.
The auction ends Wednesday, and we'll check in then to see what this ninety-year-old EV is worth on the auction block.

[Source: eBay, Hat Tip to Bob R]

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