TechArt Magnum: 600HP Cayenne Turbo to appear at MPH '06

TechArt knows its way around a Porsche, so we aren't the least bit surprised to learn that they've coaxed 600 horsepower out of the Cayenne Turbo.

The TechArt Magnum is in the news today because it's been announced that it'll be appearing at MPH '06. In addition to the expected static displays, MPH '06 ups the motor show ante by incorporating a Jeremy Clarkson-hosted live demonstration of supercars like the Magnum in a theatrical setting (see video). This gives showgoers the opportunity to see the cars in all their tire-smoking powersliding glory.

To rewind a bit: the Magnum made its official debut at last year's Frankfurt show, and benefits from the fitment of larger turbos, a new intercooler, TechArt intake and exhaust, new air filter and a reprogrammed ECU. Complementing the SUV's 600 horses is a healthy 638 lb ft of torque. 62 mph arrives in a scant 4.5 seconds and the top speed is a ridiculous 181 mph.

Equally ridiculous, unfortunately, is the TechArt body kit that turns the Magnum's front end into a busy mess. We know that the Cayenne is not exactly an easy starting point, but a look that works for the Cayman does not fare nearly as well here. Too bad, because from the rear and sides, the Magnum looks sharp. Hopefully, the refreshed Cayenne will give tuners more to work with up front.

All that said, we'd gladly pay the price of admission to see the Magnum shriek across the stage as Clarkson dishes out the one-liners. 600 horses is a lot, and like we said, TechArt knows what it's doing. Should be a helluva show.

(Rear view shot, press releases after the jump)

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TechArt Magnum


See 600bhp of Magnum Force at MPH06

The visually arresting TechArt Magnum is proof that 4x4s can outgun Supercars in the power stakes.

Based on the already brutal 450bhp Porsche Cayenne Turbo, the Magnum's bodywork and engine have been extensively reworked by renowned German Porsche specialist, TechArt, to deliver a whopping 600bhp.

The latest powerhouse from the Teutonic tuning firm will be on display at this year's theatrical car-fest, MPH'06 (Birmingham, NEC 26-29 October and London's Earls Court 2-5 November) in the Sony Ericsson Studio.

The new TechArt machine pumps out its Pagani Zonda rivalling power thanks to a heavily modified twin turbo V8 engine. Despite weighing in at over 2300kg, the Magnum is capable of accelerating to 60mph in a Lamborghini Gallardo humbling 4.5 seconds.

Where speed limits allow, TechArt's ultimate interpretation of the Cayenne will reach 183 mph; impressive for a supercar, unbelievable for a 4x4.

If you want to see it for yourself head down to MPH'06 and feast your eyes on the most desirable cars on sale in the world today. Alongside the displays of exotica, MPH'06 will feature a live motoring theatre hosted by Jeremy Clarkson and friends. Visitors will also be treated to the sights and sounds of a host of dream cars being tested to their limits in a £1 million choreographed stunt show.

Tickets for MPH '06, powered by Shell Optimax, are on sale now from £22-49 and can be purchased from


World Debut at the IAA 2005

TechArt MAGNUM based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo
High Performance SUV with 600 hp / 442 kW, 865 Nm, 292 km/h V/max and muscular Designer Outfit

The TechArt engine department was hard at work developing an extremely powerful version. The TechArt TA 048/T3 performance kit consists of two larger turbochargers, a high performance intercooler, the TechArt sport exhaust system as well as a redesigned intake manifold. A newly programmed Motronic and a sport air filter complete this tuning level.

In this guise the twin-turbo V8 engine delivers 600 hp / 442 kW and a peak torque of 865 Nm. The 4x4 storms from rest to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 292 km/h.

The perfect complement to the power kit is the TechArt fully stainless-steel TechArt sport exhaust system. Cayenne owners can choose to combine the rear muffler with the stock tailpipes of the car or with four chrome-plated TechArt tailpipes.

The fender flares of the TechArt MAGNUM body conversion add eight centimeters to the width of the SUV from Zuffenhausen. That means there's room for king-size 10Jx22 one-piece TechArt Formula light-alloy wheels all around. The ContiSportContact II tires in size 295/30 ZR 22 on front and rear axles are approved on the Cayenne for speeds up 300 km/h.

The TechArt MAGNUM front apron looks great with its strikingly styled large air inlets. It features two fog lamps and two high beams, and its refined shape reduces lift on the front axle at high speeds.

The TechArt MAGNUM side sills form a harmonious transition between front and rear fender flares.

The TechArt MAGNUM rear apron features custom cutouts for the two intertwined oval-shaped tailpipes of the stainless-steel TechArt sport exhaust system. An integrated diffuser helps reduce lift on the rear axle.

TechArt Automobildesign further refines the Cayenne body with headlight moldings, a three-piece tail lamp molding and a rear panel that carries the shape of the rear apron over to the tailgate.

The new TechArt hood is strikingly styled and features air outlets for improved venting of hot air from the engine bay, thus contributing to a thermally healthy engine.

TechArt Automobildesign also modifies the suspension of the widened Cayenne extensively. For vehicles equipped with air suspension there is the TechArt sport module, which can lower the ride height of the SUV for on-road operations by up to 60 millimeter. For tough off-road use the ride height can be increased by up to 70 millimeters.

TechArt Automobildesign can also refine the Cayenne interior in countless ways. The options for the Porsche Cayenne range from exclusive cockpit accessories to the completion of the leather interior available ex-factory to an entirely new individual TechArt fully leather interior. Also available is a stylishly integrated state-of-the-art multimedia system.

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