Did someone ask for this? The Alco-watch

Admittedly, one of us in the Autoblog offices has a watch fetish. Either formed out of an excess of bills burning a hole in our pocket or a significant other who spoils us, its reached critical mass. However, this little piece of horology will not be finding its way onto our Christmas list this December.
Our sister site, Engadget, has posted on A & A's (no, not that A.A.) new breathalyzer-equipped wristwatch, that, in addition to providing the time, date and a "temperature alarm," will give the blood alcohol content (B.A.C.) of its user within a range of 0.2 to 1.5 percent. As .08 is the legal limit in most states, this might prove useful for a certain subset of bar-goers. Judging by the accompanying photo though, it certainly won't win any style awards and we're not entirely convinced that most people would want to advertise their particular consumption problem to the general public.

[Source: Engadget via Foursprung]

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