BC Transit employees share Ford Focus hydrogen prototype at work

It's interesting how important sound is to the driving experience. As least, to some automotive journalists it is. I felt the need to mention the quietness of the Tesla Roadster last month. And in this article on BC Transit's hydrogen Ford Focus test vehicle, the writer spends the first few paragraphs discussing the vehicles' space-age whirs and then the "uncanny silence is all that remains for the drive ahead".
Alternative-powered cars will take some getting used to, and sound is as good a place as any to start an article on hydrogen vehicles. The "start up/run" gauge on Focus the prototype is another way to set up that these cars are different. Just how different remains to be seen, since a lot is not yet known about how hydrogen cars will fit into our lifestyles. The BC Transit (the article doesn't explain, but I'm pretty sure it means British Columbia Transit) team has been driving the prototype for over year now, and one driver says the drive feels like a regular car. The car is shared throughout the day and one tester has pushed it to 90 mph. BC Transit will keep the car until at least March 2008.

[Source: Iran Daily]

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