Ford Mustang Shelby GT unveiled!

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Now you don't have to go to a Hertz car rental just to pilot the best Mustang on the planet -- you can actually buy it. Observe the 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT, the car that, until now, was only available as the Ford Mustang Shelby GT-H, the black and gold pony exclusively rented out at your local Hertz Rent-a-Car.

On a tip from our buddies at Winding Road, Ford's grand poo-bah of the Americas, Mark Fields, unveiled the second-wildest steed in the Ford stable for the 2007 model year Aug. 9. For those uninterested in picking up same, the 325 hp beast with automatic transmission (available only as such where the GT-H is concerned), the Shelby GT will come with available manual transmission, as well as in different color schemes: black or white with silver stripes.

Ford's Flat Rock, Mich. plant will churn out 10,000 at most, according to the Associated Press.

[Source: Ford, Winding Road]

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