Ford using Five-Hundred platform for at least four more vehicles

Ford execs revealed today that the platform on which the Five-Hundred is based will be an integral part of the company's future product push. Referred to internally as the D3 platform, the Five-Hundred's underpinnings will be used for two sedans and two vehicles in "future unique segments". Automotive News is reporting that one of the sedans will be the Lincoln MKS that we've just learned has got the green light for production. The news outlet is also surmising that one of the other vehicles will be the Ford Fairlane that was also recently approved for production. We're guessing that the third vehicle will be a version of the Fairlane for Ford's Mercury division. As for the fourth vehicle to be built using Five-Hundred underpinnings, your guess is as good as ours.

[Source: Automotive News – sub required]

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