Retail version of Shelby GT-H approved!

Automotive News has revealed that the third Shelby Mustang in Ford's pony car corral will be a retail version of the Hertz Shelby GT-H rent-a-racer called the Shelby GT. The car will be a 2007 model and production will be at least a few thousand. No word if the Shelby GT will differ from the rental car in any way, either visually or mechanically.

The news was revealed to Ford dealers at a dealer meeting in Las Vegas last week, where it was also revealed that dealers should be preparing for production versions of the Ford Fairlane concept, which we already knew, and the Lincoln MKS concept, which was on an obvious track for production. The Lincoln MKS will arrive early in 2008 and the Fairlane sometime after that and maybe with a different name.

[Source: Automotive News – sub required]

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