WaPo reviews fuel-efficient 2006 Volkswagen Rabbit

Here's how the Washington Post puts a positive spin on the high oil prices: the rising cost of gas is making car buyers shed their gas-guzzling large vehicles and are turning to smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles. The paper's most recently discussed the impact one of these vehicles, the 2006 Volkswagen Rabbit, can have.

The Rabbit only gets 22/30 mpg, but the WaPo expects a "discernible increase in the fuel economy of new vehicles sold stateside." The Rabbit brings European sensibility (people wanting good, small vehicles because they want to save money as much as they want a good ride) to the American market, the paper writes. The Rabbit shows how Volkswagen is getting back to its economical roots after mild results from vehicles like the Phaeton. The paper likes the Rabbit (decent driving experience and room for the price). The paper's main gripe with the Rabbit is a lack of a diesel option. Who knows when VW will bring diesels back to these shores.

[Source: Washington Post via Belleville News Democrat]

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