Ford gets a Death Watch - TTAC thinks time is ticking

The Truth About Car (TTAC)'s "Death Watch" series, whose sole occupant was General Motors, now welcomes Ford Motor Co. into its billowing folds.
TTAC's Matthew Neundorf, armed with blunt facts and near-razor wit, lays bare the automaker's litany of problems: the recent $254 million loss; a drop in sales of the popular F-150 Series; and the company's inexplicable cancellation of its big people movers like the Lincoln Town Car when, to quote Neundorf, '...the American market is flooding with SUV refugees...' And while he acknowledges the Blue Oval's Mexican-built triplets (aka Fusion/Milan/Zephyr) are doing well sales-wise, their contributions are just too late. He views the possible sale of Jaguar as a necessary amputation pruning, as well.

Thumbs up or thumbs down to Neundorf's first Death Watch? Write your decision in comments.

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[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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