Autoclaustrophobia: Nissan pushes Versa in pop culture

This week, Nissan launched a new ad campaign to promote the upcoming 2007 Nissan Versa. The promotion centers around the faux-word, "autoclaustrophobia." Essentially, the fear of too little space within an automobile. Naturally, Nissan is seeking to trademark the word.

Marketing researchers found that the word seemed to stick with consumers, some even going so far as to claim suffering from the previously unheard of condition.

The promotion began with AOL's music partner, Network Live, with the Versa playing a prominent role in the upcoming reality show "Star Tomorrow." The climax comes in a massive advertising blitz in September where consumers discover that relief from "autoclaustrophobia" can be cured for $14-large by purchasing the Versa.

Clever? You be the judge in the comments.

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[Source: The Auto Channel]

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