The actress who put the "sex" in HBO's Sex and the City TV series, Kim Cattrall, is currently starring in a series of three Australian-produced TV commercials for Nissan's new Tiida (North America's Versa) in which the unremarkable little car becomes something of a sex symbol.

Well, apparently the diminutive Nissan is just a bit too racy for New Zealand TV - the carmaker has pulled one of the ads from Kiwi airwaves after a number of viewer complaints. We haven't found a clip of the offending spot, but we've got the next best thing - another ad in the series (above), which we're sure will give you the idea.

Here's the dialog from the too-hot-for-New-Zealand ad:
Cattrall (talking to a salesman): "Ah! That was amazing. Absolutely fabulous! I mean the great body and the way you moved it. Why didn't you tell me it was so big? I just wasn't prepared for it. You know what? I think I'm ready to go again." (Moves to car in showroom window) "Coming?"

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