Cooking biodiesel, Texas style

Next time you're driving in Denton, Texas, and smell french fries or catfish from the big rig or school bus near by, don't cuss or give it the finger (unless it illegally cuts you off.) That vehicle is most likely powered by biodiesel made by a local company.
Biodiesel Industries has contracted with the city to create the alternative fuel. The company gathers its raw material not only from the city landfill where it's located, but collects used cooking grease from various restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Even better, the plant uses the methane gas emitting from the landfill to provide all its electric needs. Currently the plant produces 1.5 million gallons of biodiesel a year though has the capability to produce 12 million. Biodiesel Industries hopes that more restaurants will contribute their waste products as its reputation grows. According to spokesperson Blake Morgan, "The Dallas-Fort Worth area generates more than 10 million gallons of grease each year, and the vast majority of that is thrown away."

[Source: Star-Telegram]

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