We've performed a few drivetrain swaps in our time, but nothing quite measures up to Honda-tech.com's "preluderacecar" and his 1993 Honda Prelude. Apparently not satisfied with the stock H22 or its orientation in the vehicle, it was yanked and replaced with the ubiquitous GM LS1 (quickly becoming the go-to choice for engine swaps due to its size, weight, and aftermarket support). It's backed by a T56 six-speed manual, which hides in a custom-fabricated tunnel. He also fabricated an independent rear suspension setup from RX7 components. Up front, the steering rack was relocated in front of the axle centerline and replaced with a Cavalier part, along with some 5th-gen Prelude components.

The sheer volume of fabrication required for this project is awesome, and is even more impressive considering that the guy is only 21 years old. Sure, there will be some folks who will be compelled to pile on the hate, but we're guessing none of them would ever have the guts to attempt a project of similar magnitude.

[Source: Honda-tech.com; a hat tip to Autoblog alumni Dave Ko]

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