Mongol Rally: It's the journey, not the destination

Approximately 200 adventurers left London this past Saturday to begin making the 8,000-mile trek known as the Mongol Rally. The three-week journey will cover two deserts, five mountain ranges and an untold number of countries with the winners survivors finding themselves in the scenic Mongolian capitol, Ulaan Bataar.

Aside from all the challenges that will inevitably present themselves along the way, probably the greatest obstacles are the vehicles mandated for the event. All four-wheeled machines are limited to 1 liter of displacement, while the two-wheeled contenders are allowed to max out at 125cc. The vehicles are chosen as much for their quirkiness as they are for their road going prowess and while certain modifications are allowed, heavily adapted vehicles can be subject to fines.

You can follow the progress of the teams, see the five recommended routes and check out the charities the Mongol Rally will be benefiting at their site

[Thanks to Christian for the tip!]

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