Forbes digs on domestics with Worst American Cars of 2006

For all of the effort General Motors, Ford and the Chrysler Group are putting forth to improve their product lines, there are still a few models that lag far behind what's behind what's being sold by foreign competitors. Forbes has compiled a list that highlights these vehicles in specific categories: lowest gas mileage, lowest safety ratings, worst predicted resale value, worst predicted reliability, lowest percentage of satisfied owners and worst E.P.A. air pollution and greenhouse-gas scores.

All three manufacturers took issue with Forbes' methodology in preparing the list, which relied heavily on data culled from Consumer Reports for information on depreciation, reliability and owner satisfaction. Fuel efficiency information came from the E.P.A. and crash-test data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the rates of injury claims filed per vehicle.

You can check out the list in its entirety after the jump if you don't want to sit through the slideshow on Be sure to let us know if you think the domestics deserved this beating or if Forbes is just kicking the American auto industry when it's down.

[Source: Forbes]
Worst predicted resale value (tie)
Dodge Sprinter van
Ford Crown Victoria
Mercury Grand Marquis
Pontiac Grand Prix

Worst E.P.A. air pollution and greenhouse-gas scores
Ford E-Series van

Lowest gas mileage (tie)
Dodge Durango
Dodge RAM 1500

Worst predicted reliability (tie)
Buick Terraza
Chevrolet Uplander
Pontiac SV6
Saturn Relay

Lowest safety ratings
Saturn Ion

Lowest percentage of satisfied owners
Ford Ranger

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