Volkswagen AG joins Clean Energy Partnership

Volkswagen AG joined the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) on Thursday, paving the way for a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Beetle many years down the road. The CEP is a " hydrogen demonstration project for emission-free mobility" that includes 11 companies, 17 hydrogen vehicles and two service stations in Berlin. Volkswagen AG staff have been researching hydrogen fuel cells for a while now – see the Touran HyMotion – and the Head of Group Research at the company called joining the CEP "a logical and important step towards the future".
The CEP is a European group made up of automakers and energy producers and its goal is to "keep tomorrow's society mobile with clean fuels without any greenhouse gas emissions". It is a different organization than the Clean Energy Partnership that focuses on wind farms and the like in the Chesapeake Bay region.

[Source: CEP via Autoracing Daily]

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