Honda officially announced the all-new Stream MPV , which goes on sale Friday, July 14 in Japan. The restyle gives the new Stream a modern, more aggressive appearance (especially in RSZ trim) and also evokes the front-end design of the current JDM Odyssey, creating a family resemblance that didn't exist before. The outgoing Stream was much more funky-looking and incorporated some puzzling styling cues -- one of which appears to have set the precedent for the controversial side window shape seen on the upcoming CR-V. To illustrate the differences between the new Stream and the model it replaces, we've added a photo comparison after the jump.

The external makeover is complemented by a new interior that bears a strong family resemblance to those found in the new Civic models. The cabin is roomier thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase and redesigned sills that add a small increase in width for the first two seat rows. A completely flat floor adds a little extra room for all passengers, including those in the 3rd row. Naturally, multiple seating configurations can be implemented, allowing drivers to haul a variety of items in the cargo bay.

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All Streams are available in either FWD or 4WD configurations, and power comes from a choice of two i-VTEC 4-cylinder engines. The 1.8L produces 140 hp and 128 lb-ft of tourque. It's mated to a 5-speed automatic no matter which drive system is used.

The 2.0L adds 10 more horsepower and increases torque to 140 lb-ft. FWD cars are equipped with a CVT, while the 5-speed auto is used on 4WD versions.

Fuel economy using the Japanese 10.15 mode driving schedule ranges from 31mpg to over 34mpg depending on the drivetrain being used. Prices start at ¥1,806,000 (around $15,800 USD) for a FWD Stream X 1.8 and range up to ¥2,541,000 for a 4WD Stream RSZ 2.0 with standard equipment.

The Stream is a sharp-looking, practical, and economical car that would have little trouble winning over fans in the US. Too bad there seems to be no plan to bring it over anytime soon. That could change, though. Who would have thought we would ever see the Fit on American streets? If the Stream appeals to you, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Check out the photos below, and read Honda's full press release for additional details on all the new features.

Photo Gallery:

Stream RSZ 2.0
Honda StreamHonda Stream

Stream X
Honda Stream

Stream Interior



Design Sketch

New Stream
New Honda Stream

Old Stream
Old Honda Stream

Odyssey (JDM Version)
HOnda Odyssey (JDM)

Press Release:

Honda Announces an All-New Stream

TOKYO, Japan, July 13, 2006 - Honda announced the release of an all-new Stream. Featuring a low-floor platform, the new Stream combines stylish compact exterior with a comfortable interior and powerful driving performance. With a low overall height of 1,545mm*, the new Stream has a modern dynamic look and fits conveniently into most restricted-height mechanical parking lots. The new Stream will go on sale from Friday, July 14 at Honda automobile dealers throughout Japan.

The new, second-generation Stream is a 7-passenger car with the versatility and functionality to make getting around a true pleasure. Along with its vibrant, low-slung styling, it delivers total comfort and a feeling of integration wherever the driver and passengers come in contact with the vehicle - whether getting in and out, steering, throttle response, or changing the seat arrangements.

Body frame rigidity has been enhanced for improved driving performance, and the front sub-pillars have been eliminated to attain a significant increase in visibility. The floor design has also been significantly improved to create a flat foot area from corner to corner and a significantly lower floor for the third row of seats. These innovations mean improved passenger comfort as well as a lower center of gravity for superior handling. Both powerplants-the newly developed 2.0l i-VTEC engine with CVT and the 1.8l i-VTEC engine with 5-speed automatic transmission-deliver powerful, smooth driving performance from low-to-mid speeds.

The sporty RSZ, available in both 2.0-liter and 1.8-liter versions, comes equipped with 17-inch aluminum wheels and a custom-tuned suspension for extra driving enjoyment. The RSZ's custom aerodynamic parts, black interior, and other attractive design features combine to enhance the car's sporty driving image.

All models have earned Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport certification as Low-Emissions Vehicles, with emission levels 75% lower than those required by 2005 standards, while the front-wheel-drive models exceed Japanese government fuel economy standards for 2010 by 10%.

The new Stream is also available with the most advanced Honda safety technologies, including IHCC** (Intelligent Highway Cruise Control), which controls vehicle speed and distance to the car ahead to reduce the burden on the driver, and CMBS2 (Collision Mitigation Brake System) + E-pretensioners**, which uses millimeter wave radar technology to detect the possibility of a collision and then help avoid or reduce the force of the collision.

* 4WD model height is 1,570mm (micro antenna excluded from both measurements).
** Available as a factory option on all FWD models

Key Features of the New Stream

The new Stream's dynamic styling features an agile, low-slung form that expresses functional beauty reminiscent of a coupe.

• The low overall ride height imparts a vibrant aesthetic, while the sporty, dynamic exterior design belies the utility of the extra third row of seating.
• The RSZ boasts an even more sporty image thanks to its custom aerodynamic parts.

The comfortable interior breathes relaxation and quality from every nook and cranny.
  • The wheelbase has been increased by 20mm* and the pedal layout adjusted to increase the tandem distance between the second and third row seats by 30mm1, giving more room to third-row passengers .
  • The side sill has been redesigned to obtain an extra 20mm1 of width for passengers in the first and second rows. For the third row, the use of a slim fuel tank permits a lower floor, while the reduced cross section in the rear frame results in more width. The adoption of a separate rear frame and floor panel construction allows for a floor flat all the way out to its edges on both sides
  • The floor tunnel has been eliminated for a significant gain in leg room. Exhaustive efforts to remove even minor bumps and gradations in the floor overall result in a completely flat floor that creates a relaxing space, no matter where the passenger is sitting.
* Honda calculations. All comparisons are with the previous model.

The new Stream's interior combines a sporty driving environment with a refined, modern quality.
  • The instrument panel features two oversized meters positioned for easy viewing, along with a center panel angled toward the driver for enhanced ease of use. The internal configuration of the instrument panel has been made more compact to secure more room for the driver's legs, while the portion of the dashboard on the passenger's side employs soft materials to give the passenger a heightened feeling of security.
  • The instruments and center-console cup holders are finished with ring-shaped metal rims to impart a modern feel. Blue lighting at night creates a change from daytime ambience.
  • A telescopic tilt steering wheel and seat height adjuster allow the driver to find just the right driving position.

The new Stream's simple, easy utility features are designed for maximum ease of use.
  • The seat mechanisms are designed for easy operation. The second-row seat is equipped with an easy-to-use walk-in slide mechanism that allows third-row passengers to enter the vehicle comfortably, while both the second- and third-row seatbacks can be folded down for increased luggage space.
  • A variety of storage compartments are located around the cockpit and for each of the three rows of seating. Shape, volume, and positioning of the compartments have been designed for maximum ease of use.
  • The luggage area features two separate, lidded compartments left and right, for greater versatility to suit a variety of uses.
The intelligent powertrains deliver strong acceleration and near-perfect linear response.
  • Newly developed 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine and 1.8-liter i-VTEC engine.
    The i-VTEC system further improves on Honda's original VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) technology to allow the engine to retard intake valve closure timing under low engine-load driving conditions. Valve control is complemented by a DBW (Drive By Wire) system that provides optimum throttle valve control, significantly reducing pumping losses. This results in greater energy efficiency, for a major improvement in fuel economy while cruising. At the same time, improved intake efficiency and a higher compression ratio create ample low-range torque, while comprehensive friction reduction measures and precise air-fuel ratio control result in outstanding fuel economy.
  • The increased energy efficiency of the i-VTEC variable valve timing control system is further enhanced by a 3-stage variable-length intake manifold on the newly developed 2.0-liter engine to deliver torquey performance at all engine speeds, while the 1.8-liter engine employs a variable-length intake manifold that optimizes intake ram effect. Both engines achieve excellent fuel economy of 14.8km/l*, exceeding Japanese government fuel economy standards for 2010 by 10%**, along with outstanding exhaust emission performance certified by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as being 75% lower than that required by 2005 standards.
  • 2.0-liter models are equipped with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with torque converter***. The torque converter delivers powerful, snappy off-the-line performance to go with the CVT's smooth, seamless acceleration.
  • 1.8-liter models come with a 5-speed automatic transmission that takes advantage of the engine's performance characteristics to achieve both powerful acceleration and outstanding fuel economy. The upgrade to a 5-speed transmission from the previous Stream's 4-speed transmission permits both a wider overall range of gearing and closer gear ratios.
  • The RSZ comes equipped with a paddle shifter with intelligent control. Operating the paddle shifter when the transmission is in Drive automatically flips the transmission into manual mode. The transmission then detects driving conditions, paddle-shifter and throttle operation to automatically return to auto mode, so anyone can enjoy carefree, sporty shifting. What's more, the RSZ (2.0l FWD) with CVT also comes with a 7-speed manual-shift mode to make the most of the CVT's remarkable shifting freedom. Intelligent shift control captures the driver's sensibility more faithfully than ever.
* G (FWD), X (FWD)
** FWD models
*** G (FWD), RSZ (2.0L FWD)

The new Stream's high-balance chassis combines smooth handling with a flat ride.
  • Suspension geometry has been reworked to produce both linear handling and a flat ride. The attachment points of the suspension and the steering box were strengthened while the chassis made more rigid overall, with improved rigidity balance.
  • In the front, a McPherson strut suspension is employed for its outstanding space efficiency. A side-force cancellation spring has also been adopted to improve ride comfort while maintaining the compactness of the suspension.
  • In the rear, a compact, reactive-link, double-wishbone suspension contributes toward increased space for passengers in the third row of seats. The lower arm employs high-tensile steel for significantly higher rigidity to handle the loads imposed by the large, wide tires and provide improved stability. The use of more compliant shock absorbers and upper suspension arm bushings enhances ride comfort and reduces road noise.
  • The RSZ features a rear stabilizer bar, large, 17-inch tires, a front spoiler, and front strakes along with custom-tuned spring rates and shock absorber damping characteristics. The result is superior handling stability with no loss in ride comfort.
A high-precision body combines passenger comfort, driving performance, and stability.
  • Use of strong, lightweight, high-tensile steel has been expanded, along with tailored blanks that incorporate fused steel plates of varying thickness and materials for more efficient strengthening. This results in increased rigidity and a 10kg reduction in body weight over the previous model.
  • Pillar joints have been strengthened to improve the rigidity of the body door frames, and the sub-pillar located behind the front pillar in the previous model eliminated to secure increased visibility and contribute to a cleaner outer appearance.
Advanced Features
A full range of advanced features imparts a level of comfort and security normally only found in higher grade vehicles.
  • The IHCC (Intelligent Highway Cruise Control)* vehicle speed and distance control system helps reduce the burden on the driver during freeway driving. It assesses driving conditions using data from vehicle speed and yaw rate sensors, along with data from a millimeter-wave radar unit built into the front grille of the vehicle that measures the distance to the vehicle ahead. In addition to maintaining the vehicle at a set speed, this cruise control system automatically regulates vehicle speed and distance depending on whether or not there is a vehicle in the same lane ahead.
  • The Honda HDD InterNavi System** with rear camera utilizes the enormous information storage of a high-capacity (30GB) hard drive to deliver a wide range of information. The 7-inch touch-panel display provides an easy-to-see, easy-to-operate interface, while Bluetooth*** compatibility enables wireless connection with cellular phones for even more powerful communications capabilities.
  • The Honda Smart Card Key System**** allows the card key holder to lock and unlock the doors and tailgate and operate the ignition with a single touch.
* Factory option on all FWD models
** Factory option on all models
*** Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. of the US.
**** Factory option on all models

Safety Performance
Advanced safety performance prevents accidents before they can occur, predicts and prepares for impending accidents, and mitigates injury and vehicle damage should a accident occur.
  • The Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system-which includes the Antilock Brake System (ABS), Traction Control System (TCS), and sideslip control9-works incombination with the DBW electronic throttle control that optimizes engine torque to achieve more precise vehicle control.
  • The Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS)* uses millimeter-wave radar, assessing collision risk based on inter-vehicle distance and relative vehicle speeds. As a risk of collision is assessed, the system uses audio and visual warnings and light braking to alert the driver and prompt preventative action. As collision risk increases to the point where a collision unavoidable, the system activates the brakes more firmly to help reduce vehicle speed and mitigate damage and injuries.
  • A side curtain airbag system** for the first-to-third-row seats is available as a set option combined with the front-seat i-side airbag system.
  • Honda's Crash Compatibility Body enhances passenger protection while mitigating impact on the other vehicle.
  • The vehicle is also designed to mitigate pedestrian injury in the event of a collision.
  • The head shock protection interior designed to protect vehicle occupants form shocks to the head in the event of a collision.
  • All models are equipped with front seats designed to reduce the impact of a rear collision on an occupant's neck area.
  • All models are equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) and brake assist.
* Factory option on all FWD models
** Factory option on all models

Environmental Performance
Advanced clean technologies result in outstanding environmental performance.
  • All models are certified by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as having emissions levels 75% lower than what is required by 2005 standards.
  • Front-wheel-drive models exceed Japanese government fuel economy standards for 2010 by 10%.
  • The G/RSZ 4WD model complies with Japanese government fuel economy standards for 2010. The X 4WD model exceeds Japanese government fuel economy standards for 2010 by 5%*.
  • Interior VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels have been reduced in all models to within the guidelines set out by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
* Vehicles equipped with the factory option 17-inch aluminum wheels model complies with Japanese government fuel economy standards for 2010.

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