Car service in less than an hour?

Here's a policy we'd like to see made standard across every border.
Al-Futtaim Motors has promised full-car service on all Toyota and Lexus vehicles within 59 minutes. The policy started last month on the 15th and will end 59 days later on August 12th. Unfortunately, the service only applies to vehicles within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and it's not worth it for us to drive that far for faster service. All of the chain's service stations in the UAE have also extended their hours to accomodate customers, and each customer will have a chance to win a Toyota Yaris in a prize draw.

'With the number of vehicles on the road on a steady increase, service centres in the UAE are currently faced with time constraints on car servicing, which in turn affect customers," states Kevin Jones, General Manager of Services. "Keeping our customers first, we have tried to combat that inconvenience by putting to work our years of expertise, the specially designed equipment and tools and Toyota's trained technicians, to offer our customers a full car service in just 59 minutes."

Unfortunately, the cited article doesn't say exactly what's included in a "full-car service", so if it takes these guys 59 minutes to change your oil, check the air pressure in your tires, and attempt to sell you new wiper blades, then they should that art has already been perfected and can be performed in 10 minutes.
[Source: AME Info]

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