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Lyft rolls out Waze integration for drivers in mobile app

According to the Lyft mobile application's update text, the Waze integration has arrived and is "rolling out nationwide."

NFL giving players Uber credits to avoid drunk driving

Car service and taxi app Uber has inked a deal with the NFL Players' Association to provide players with a safe ride and prevent drunk driving. Players will be issued $200 in ride credits on a keychain card, and will also get promo cards for friends and family.

Audi Canada surprises out-of-warranty owners in a good way

One of the worst parts about going to a dealership is sitting around waiting for the courtesy shuttle to show up and transport a group of strangers to their places of work or homes. Well, Audi of Canada found a nice way to surprise customers who brought their out-of-warranty vehicles in for a scheduled Health Check by replacing dealer's normal shuttle with a 2014 Audi R8 V10.

Satisfaction with dealer service rises, Lexus and GMC are tops

During the economic downturn, many car dealerships counteracted their slowing income by focusing on things that would set them apart from competition – things like the quality of customer service they provide. When the economy picked up and more sales and service followed, many also first invested those funds back into the business, improving their dealership facilities and service centers.

Audi Cam is like YouTube for UK service bays

Audi UK has introduced the Audi Cam, a new – and for owners, hopefully more informative and reliable – way to interact with service advisors and technicians. After a car is dropped off, technicians will use a Flip-like camera to videotape and provide audio commentary for any issues diagnosed. Each problem gets its own clip to keep file sizes small, then the video is uploaded to a private, PIN-coded page just for the owner.

Cadillac to market new XTS to the Town Car set

General Motors is hoping to snag buyers who'd otherwise be driving an Audi A6, BMW 5 Series or Mercedes-Benz E-Class when it launches the new Cadillac XTS next year. That may prove a tall order, but the General is going about it in an interesting way

Audi Cam streams video of your repairs

Audi Cam in action – Click above for high-res image gallery

Fuel economy not luxurious enough according to Orlando

Corporate clients have long grown accustomed to being shuttled around in the back seats of Panther-platform Fords. The throwback Town Car that most car services run doesn't exactly sip fuel, so T.J. Donaghy of Orlando, Florida decided a Toyota Camry Hybrid would be a good addition to his fleet at Aristocrat Transportation. City officials have denied Donaghy's attempt at greening his livery fleet, reasoning that the Camry doesn't fit any of the five classes of vehicles for hire that the City of O

Need a place to park your Zipcar in London?

In large urban motropoli like London, it makes little sense to own your own car when you are only going to need it a few times a month. So, car renting and sharing services make great sense there, and are sprouting up all over. One such example of this type of service is Zipcar, which is based in the U.S. but is available in London. Now, you can couple the Zipcar service with a new

Car service in less than an hour?

Here's a policy we'd like to see made standard across every border.

OnStar worth the price?

Consumer Reports (CR) took a sampling of 204 OnStar subscribers to see how they used General Motors' telematics service, and then examined whether it is worth the monthly fee. CR discovered that only 63 percent of subscribers had ever pressed GM's vaunted blue button. Of those who did, 44 percent used OnStar's hands-free phone system, while 22 percent triggerd OnStar because they locked their keys in their vehicles or needed assistance for issues like flat tires.