Environmentalists take Ford on for E85 ads double-cross

Remember back in March when Steven Milloy took Ford Motor Co.--specifically CEO Bill Ford, Jr.--to task for "pandering" to the environmental groups? Well, both sides may be sharpening their claws again. Yesterday the automaker began its new series of commercials to promote the alternative fuel E85. In one, Ford appears with the Ford Escape hybrid. This contrasts to Ford print ads showing an open gas cap revealing pieces of corn. "Now available in regular, high test and field corn." states the ad.
Why the fury, then? Many environmentalists feel that hybrids, not ethanol, are more environmentally friendly and view Ford's announcement to concentrate more on flex-fuel vehicles another example of the company's double-dealing nature. States Jennifer Krill of the RainForest Action Network, "It's time for American consumers to stop buying into Ford's deceptions."

Personally, I don't fully understand the rage. Ford has stated it will continue hybrid technology in tandem with its E85 push. Many analysts feel the company's so-called "backtracking" on its promise to produce 250,000 hybrids by 2010 is a technical issue since hybrids are far more difficult to manufacture than flex-fuel vehicles.

[Source: Examiner]

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