Fox News commentator: Ford's 'Green strategy' a mistake

On Fox News, Steven Milloy writes about the backlash suffered by Ford CEO Bill Ford, Jr. at the hands of various environmental groups. The organisations have expressed their displeasure by pointing out that the Blue Oval still produces too much pollution from its manufacturing (“more heat-trapping pollution into our skies each year than the entire country of Mexico”); continues to produce gas-guzzling SUVs; and argues that the automaker opposes proposed California legislation requiring reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 2016. The ridicule climaxes adjacent to the pictured ad in the New York Times.

However, Milloy takes issue with the criticism, pointing to what he considers the fallacies of the groups' talking points. But he reserves the bulk of his ire for Ford himself, who he believes is too 'occupied' trying to appeal to the environmental groups, even when such overtures threaten the company's bottom line. For example, Milloy points out that according to the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, complying with the California law may reduce CO emissions by a 'minuscule' amount while raising vehicle costs by thousands of dollars.

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[Source: Fox]

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