Our Energy: It's like TerraPass for your online shopping

One of the co-founders of OurEnergy wrote in recently to let us know about his site, which sort of operates like a TerraPass for online shopping. But not exactly. Like TerraPass, where you pay to offset the CO2 you put into the air when you drive by funding clean energy, OurEnergy uses partnerships with online sellers to fund wind energy purchases. Unlike TerraPass, OurEnergy is free to the user and doesn't take the car you drive into account. In fact, it's not really about cars at all, but we at AutoblogGreen realize that being green is a lifestyle, so we're mentioning Our Energy. The program works by using a percentage (which varies by retailer) of your sale to buy wind energy.
As John wrote to us, "OurEnergy.us is a free program and fits into the average Americans daily life if they own a car or not. OurEnergy.us goal is to empower American consumers to enjoy the 21st century lifestyle while transforming the way we produce energy at no cost, period."
I haven't signed up for the program, but if you buy things online and like the idea of wind power, it seems like a no-brainer. Anyone out there have any experience using the site?

[Source: Our Energy/John Zyskowski]

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