How Iosis-inspired will the next Mondeo be?

Many may remember how we gushed over the Ford Iosis Concept from the floor of the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Iosis incorporated what Ford's marketing folk referred to as "kinetic design", and what we simply called good looks. At the time, Ford claimed the Iosis foretold the brand's future design direction, and no car would be more appropriate for some Iosis inspiration than the upcoming redesigned Ford Mondeo.

WhatCar? has produced a rendering of what it hopes the next Mondeo will look like when it debuts at the end of September in Paris. From spy shots of heavily camouflaged Mondeos being tested in public, however, it appears that the next iteration may not look like this image created by WhatCar? Autobild's best guess shows hardly any inspiration from the Iosis, though it's still an attractive auto.

When the wraps are taken off of the next Mondeo in Paris we should be greeted by a car much more exciting than the one it replaces, although we hope we some of the Iosis is reflected in its shape and in future Ford's to come.

[Source: WhatCar?]

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