Ford adding some emotion to Mondeo

The next Ford Mondeo is set to start production in January, and the European arm of the big Blue Oval is trying to build on the successes of the current car by adding some flair to the new car's design. The current Mondeo is well liked in Europe, but treated as a wallflower for its staid styling. The new model, however, clearly takes some inspirational styling cues from the Ford Iosis concept that surfaced at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year.

In addition to new digs, the next Mondeo will grow larger in every dimension and get a revamped engine lineup that drops the range-topping six-cylinder in favor of a light-turbo five-cylinder sourced from Volvo. It also includes a few innovative features like fully concealable rear seats that fold flat for more useable cargo storage.

[Source: Autobild] ( translated)

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