Another mule has been caught lapping the Ring in Germany, and this time it's the forthcoming revival of the lightweight Lotus Esprit supercar. The new Esprit is expected use a BMW V8 for power, and while eight cylinders is no surprise, we have to admit that we enjoyed the old Esprit's identity as the "four-cylinder supercar".
Near the end of the Esprit's last run it was fitted with a Lotus-developed, compact twin-turbo 3.5L V8 that developed 350 hp, but it seemed out of place to us in a supercar that made its mark by chasing down more powerful cars with nothing more than a four-banger and a prayer. These days, however, the Lotus Elise is having no trouble filling its older brothers shoes as the company's resident "four-cylinder supercar".

[Source: Inside Line via Winding Road]

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