GM may unveil plug-in hybrid in .. January?

I like everything about this story except Bloomberg's use of "people say" in the headline. Considering how big the news is, though, Bloomberg's use of people "who asked not to be identified because the research is secret" as sources is understandable. Anyway, let's get to the good stuff: there may be a plug-in hybrid coming from a major auto manufacturer in about six months.
Unnamed GM officials told Bloomberg that the also unnamed hybrid could be "ready in time for the Detroit auto show in January," and that any commercial production is at least a year away. The vehicle will get more than 60 mpg and plug into any outlet.

Officially, GM had no comment on this rumor, but it is convenient that the news slipped out today, just a week before the film "Who Killed The Electric Car?", which is critical of GM, opens in theaters.

[Source: Bloomberg, Thanks to CoreyTheGent]

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