Take a quick tour to where gas prices are set

People come to their interest in alternative fuels in different ways. While I expect many AutoblogGreen readers are interested in seriously reducing or even eliminating gasoline usage in their lives, for environmental reasons, there are also likely to be a lot of people reading these pages and getting interested in green car technologies because those numbers on the sign at the gas pump keep going up and up. One blog can't do much to change the price at the pump, but we can point you to some information that helps you understand why gas prices are so high today.

Two good sites that explain how gas prices are set are at the Department of Energy, which goes through 2005 and details Hurricane Katrina's effect on gas prices. and this site at How Stuff Works, which is more current and tells us that, adjusted for inflation, gas prices are not that much more than they were in 1980. Both sites are designed for the general reader.

[Source: How Stuff Works, the Department of Energy]

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