The dirtiest car is crowned!

Voting for the Autoblog Dirtiest Car Contest has ended and a king of uncleanliness has been crowned. Two of our five finalists quickly outpaced the field garnering the lion's share of votes in our poll. Together Chris Gallahan's 1984 Dodge Shadow and Richard Turner's Plymouth Caravelle accounted for 84 percent of the 690 votes cast. Unfortunately for Chris and his Shadow, Richard's crusty Caravelle struck a chord with voters and won with a solid 47-percent of the votes.

That's practically a mandate to clean your car, Richard. To help you do so we will be sending a Dyson DC14 Drive vacuum with car cleaning attachments to your door. I think we speak for all of Autoblog's readership when we say that a pic of a clean Caravelle after the Dyson's done its job is the only thing we ask in return for this $459.99 sweeper.

Thanks again to Dyson for supplying our grand prize, which really sucks. Seriously, ask anyone.

BTW: We're always open to new and different ideas for contests, so if you have a suggestion submit it to and it will be considered.

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