Renault chooses on-board reforming for fuel cell cars

The 16th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, which started yesterday in Lyons, France, will be the stage where Renault will present the progress it has made in fuel cell research. Contrary to most manufacturers, Renault has chosen to power its fuel cell vehicles with hydrogen generated through on-board reforming. The on-board reforming can produce the hydrogen when needed, which means there is no need for a hydrogen storage tank, one of the problems when dealing with fuel cell vehicles. The vehicles with on-board reforming can be used immediately, without the need for an extensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The reformer can run on a variety of fuels, and a special fuel tank was designed to allow carrying a variety of fuels. While the earlier fuel cell prototypes of a number of manufacturers included on-board reforming, many have moved away from the often complex and space intensive reformers.
[Source: DueMotori]

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