Tennessee columnist pines for 9,000-MPG family vacation car

Columnist David Spates of the Crossville Chronicle in Tennessee wishes he could get the kind of mileage that the engineering students were getting in the European Shell Eco-Marathon (which we mentioned here) when he takes the family on vacation in his minivan. Spates' article is humorous, and he realizes that the concept cars designed to milk every last inch possible out of the mpg race are nothing you would or could actually drive on the interstate highway system. Also, I don't think he understands that the concept cars don't actually go seven- or nine-thousand miles on their gallon of fuel, but instead run some laps around the track and get an averaged mpg rating. Still, can't you just hear the everyman plea in his column for a reasonable, family car that gets 100+ miles per gallon? I do.

[Source: Crossville Chronicle]

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