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The revolutionary Bose suspension that could have been

Bose does audio, but it also toyed with an adaptive suspension system that could have been a game-changer – if only it weren't so heavy and expensive. CNET checks it out in this latest video.

CNET rates UK's top hybrid cars; Toyota Prius scores 5 out of 5

2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery

CNET announces nominees for Tech Car of the Year

About this time last year, Cadillac's CTS added CNET's Tech Car of the Year to its increasingly crowded trophy case. Its entertainment system's recording capability was one of the things that impressed

CNET gets to look inside Toyota's hybrid factory

Toyota has long had a reputation as one of the highest quality car-makers in the world, and in large part of that reputation was built at a complex in Japan's Aichi prefecture known as Toyota City. Toyota City is a huge all-encompassing facility that actually includes 10 plants that produce almost everything that goes into cars and was the b

Tennessee columnist pines for 9,000-MPG family vacation car

Columnist David Spates of the Crossville Chronicle in Tennessee wishes he could get the kind of mileage that the engineering students were getting in the European Shell Eco-Marathon (which we mentioned here) when he takes the family on vacation in his minivan. Spates' article is humorous, and