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Bose does audio, but it also toyed with an adaptive suspension system that could have been a game-changer – if only it weren't so heavy and expensive. CNET checks it out in this latest video.

2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery

About this time last year, Cadillac's CTS added CNET's Tech Car of the Year to its increasingly crowded trophy case. Its entertainment system's recording capability was one of the things that impressed us, and, presumably, the voters. This year, CNET asks its readers to choose between three imports and two domestics, none of which are Cadillacs.

OK, this is kind of cool, but kind of scary at the same time. Built by the Institute for Applied Autonomy, this spray-painting van is an ink-jet printer for the road. Pretty cool idea, but what would you actually do with it? Well, the IAA's stated mission, according to CNET, is "to study the forces and structures which affect self-determination and to provide technologies which extend the autonomy of human activists." That basically boils down to this being a graffiti truck, and that's effin swe

Toyota has long had a reputation as one of the highest quality car-makers in the world, and in large part of that reputation was built at a complex in Japan's Aichi prefecture known as Toyota City. Toyota City is a huge all-encompassing facility that actually includes 10 plants that produce almost everything that goes into cars and was the birthplace of the legendary Toyota production system. This system includes things like just-in-time manufacturing, and many other innovations that help the hi

Not to be one-upped by Honda, CNET is reporting that the leader in hybrid technology, Toyota, will release a flex-fuel ethanol/gasoline capable car in Brazil during the Spring of 2007. The vehicle model and price have yet to be disclosed, but if they are planning to match Honda's efforts we shouldn't be surprised to see them offer a converted version of either the Corolla or Yaris or both. The vehicles should be capable of running on any blend of ethanol and gasoline, even E100.

Columnist David Spates of the Crossville Chronicle in Tennessee wishes he could get the kind of mileage that the engineering students were getting in the European Shell Eco-Marathon (which we mentioned here) when he takes the family on vacation in his minivan. Spates' article is humorous, and he realizes that the concept cars designed to milk every last inch possible out of the mpg race are nothing you would or could actually drive on the interstate highway system. Also, I don't think he underst