Who's Who in the automaker/fuel provider matchup

From GM's push of E85 to BMW's recently alliance with TOTAL, it sometimes gets hard figuring which automaker is working with which oil company (aka 'fuel provider') to develop future alternative fuel/energy sources. Help comes from trade association Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers which provided the following major match-ups:
  • BMW and the University of California, Irvine are building a liquid hydrogen station.
  • Ford and VeraSun Energy are converting 40 gas pumps in Illinois and Missouri to E-85.
  • DaimlerChrysler and biodiesel producer Peter Cremer North America are working increase public awareness of the alternative fuel.
  • General Motors is working with Meijer and CleanFUEL USA to add 20 new E-85 fueling sites in the Michigan.
  • Toyota is working with ExxonMobil on new fuels, combustion systems, and future energy sources while allied with Shell and Air Products to develop hydrogen-powered systems.
  • Volkswagen, Shell, and Iogen Corporation are looking to develop ethanol from alternative sources such as straw.
[Source: Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers via PR Newswire]

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