Nothelle's Audi Q7 - spicier than a Cayenne Turbo

If you fancy your CUVs on the sporty side, have we got a ride for you! German tuner nothelle can transform your Q7 into a firebreather that should humble a Cayenne Turbo.

While nothelle has performance and appearance upgrades for both the 3-liter turbodiesel and the 4.2-liter V8, its the top of the line twin-turbo kit for the 4.2-liter that will open their eyes at the country club, with its 572 hp and 531 foot-pounds of torque. With an extra 130 hp and 80 foot-pounds over the Porsche, nothelle's Q-ship should be able to kick sand in the face of a Turbo Cayenne any time you feel the urge.

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Unfortunately, the high-riding styling of the Q7 doesn't respond very well to nothelle's aero kit, which gives the CUV a bit of a layer-cake look. (We're very fond of the quad tailpipes, though!) Nothelle's "Novedra" brand wheels grace the super-Q, with 10x22-inch wheels sporting 295/30 rim protectors.

Prices aren't available, but don't look for any bargains.

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