Hydrogen fuel-cell cars could start to rule the road by 2030

At the Tennessee Valley Corridor National Technology Summit last week (which had a giant fuel cell on display) someone expressed the viewpoint that "hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles will overtake conventional gas powered automobiles in the year 2030, and be the most produced type vehicle on the market by 2050," according to local TV station WDEF. The station doesn't get into any more detail about who is making this claim, but explains one reason we'll get to the Fabled Hydrogen Economy in the next few decades is the high price of oil. No surprise there. Ron Bailey, Dean of Engineering at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, told the station, "when oil stays at $70 a barrel many things become feasible and more attractive for the capital investment to bring it into commercial use."

[Source: WDEF via Jalopnik]

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