Canadian tragedy sparks calls to ban aftermarket parts

A tragedy on Toronto streets that claimed the lives of a pair of enthusiasts has once again set alight political fires alight by those looking to ban performance modifications to automobiles.

Whether the deaths are attributable to street racing remains up for debate, but the event has triggered calls for the banning of go-fast bits like nitrous oxide.

Wheels' chief scribe Jim Kenzie rants in the Toronto Star that taking such action is little better than conclusions drawn from overly simplistic metaphors like:

Prostitutes wear short skirts. That woman is wearing a short skirt.
Therefore, she's a prostitute.

Said another way, banning aftermarket parts and the tuner culture would be to wrongly attack a symptom, not the problem of street racing itself.

What do you think about street racing and the efforts made to prevent it?  Sound off in comments!

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