Volkswagen diesel sale up to 22 percent of all VWs sold in the U.S.

Sales of diesel vehicles made up 22 percent of Volkswagen's sales in the United States last month, Bloomberg reported Monday. A Morgan Stanley analyst quoted in the article said that the fuel economy of diesel cars and rising gas prices caused the increase. Volkswagen's total sales were up 11 percent last month, so there's more to the increase than just fuel economy.

Volkswagen sells three diesel models – of the Jetta, the Golf and the New Beetle – in the United States, according to the article. About 40 percent of Jetta and New Beetle sales were diesel models, compared to only 13 percent for the Golf. The new Rabbit will soon replace the Golf. In previous years, diesel models made up between 12 and 14 percent of Volkswagen's sales.

[Source: Bloomberg] [Update: this story and others had "Volkswagon" typos corrected, thanks to Phil]

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