Scion Art Cars use cars as canvas

Wednesday evening 'The Showroom' New York gallery will open its display of Scion Art Cars: scale model Scions turned into works of art.

Art cars were made famous by BMW when racecar driver Hervè Poulain asked his friend Alexander Calder, the sculptor, to apply his talents to a BMW 3.0 CSL for Le Mans. A number of artistic racecars followed over the years. Now Toyota Motor Co., seeing a chance to promote its youth-oriented Scion brand, has encouraged artists to apply their creative energies to the xA, xB, and the tC. The current show of Scion Art Cars are actually scale models radically shaped to their artist's imagination. (Pictured is the Slug Scion. An unflattering comment on the tC's performance? Your guess is as good as ours...)

Show time and location can be found at the link.

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[Source and photo: New York Times - registration required]

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