Scion xA

Built like a Toyota (because it is one), the Scion xA offers solid construction, quiet operation, comfortable accommodations and low maintenance costs. Unlike the Scion xB and tC, the xA doesn't set the world on fire with its styling, but it comes well-equipped with convenience and safety features.…

2006 Scion xA - 4dr Hatchback (Base)
4dr Hatchback (Base)
1.5L I-4
32 City / 37 HWY
Scion rolls out its past concepts, one last time

The beginning and the end of Scion on display at the New York Auto Show.

In addition to a new special edition tC, Scion brought many of its important past concepts to this year's New York Auto Show.
A decade later, here are 4 cars we miss and 5 we're happy are gone [UPDATE]

Now-Dead Cars That Launched 10 Years Ago

Automotive anniversaries are often big news. Last year, the Chevrolet Corvette turned 60 and the Porsche 911 hit 50. This year, the spritely Mazda MX-5 Miata turns 25. The iconic Ford Mustang just turned the big Five-Oh, too.

For Sale

2006 Scion xA
$4,799 / 96,000 miles / CA
2006 Scion xA
$5,879 / 91,531 miles / CA
2005 Scion xA
$5,998 / 59,418 miles / CA

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